Invited speakers

Meet our invited speakers who will be presenting at 27th European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging

Kak Khee Yeung

MD, PhD, FEBVS, Vascular Surgeon at Amsterdam University Medical Centers, the Netherlands

Title Lecture: Latest Updates on Microbubbles and Ultrasound Accelerated Thrombolysis for Peripheral Arterial Occlusions


Mark Borden

Director, Biomedical Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Title Lecture: Engineering Nanodrops for Ultrasound Imaging


Thomas Porter

MD, Professor,University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA

Title Lecture: Improvement in systolic function following sonothrombolysis applied after emergent percutaneous intervention in anterior ST segment elevation myocardial infarction


Mengxing Tang

Professor in Biomedical Imaging

Imperial College London, UK

Title Lecture: Fast super-resolution ultrasound


Guillaume Lajoinie

Ir. Dr., assistant professor, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and Technical Medical (TechMed) Center, University of Twente, the Netherlands

Title Lecture: AI-based Microbubble super-resolution from raw ultrasound data


Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos

PhD, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Head of Cancer Biophysics Laboratory
University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Title Lecture: Monitoring tumor microenvironment modifications with contrast-enhanced ultrasound and shear wave elastography for optimized immunotherapy responses

Erik Groot Jebbink

PhD, Technical Physician, Assistant Professor
University of Twente and Rijnstate hospital, the Netherlands

Title Lecture: High-frame-rate, contrast enhanced, ultrasound for blood flow quantification in patients with vascular disease


Kullervo Hynynen

PhD, Vice-president, Research and Innovation
Senior scientist

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, USA

Title Lecture: Enhanced delivery of trastuzumab to Her2-positive brain metastases


Paul Sidhu

Professor of Imaging Sciences and Consultant Radiologist
King’s College Hospital London, UK


Title Lecture: Complex Renal Cysts and CEUS: The future for Bosniak Cyst Classification?



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