Thoraxcenter Biomedical Engineering :

This is an overview of the NewsItems, Television and Radio Interviews, and Presentations given by people of the Biomedical Enginering department of the Thoraxcenter .





The department of Cardiology is the driving force behind COEUR  (Cardiovasculaire Onderzoeksschool Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), the cardiovascular research school of the Erasmus MC. COEUR offers a cardiovascular research education program, consisting of courses, seminars and lectures, see

Additionally, there are monthly research meetings between PI’s and PhD candidates from all cardiovascular ACEs to discuss research developments, common interests and potential joint projects and grant applications. And there is an annual Cardiovascular meeting, for which all departments/ Academic Centers of Excellence (ACEs) within Erasmus MC that are involved in cardiovascular research are invited.

These activities serve as a platform for – and acts to stimulate – collaborations between PI’s, postdocs and PhD candidates within the Erasmus MC. The formation of the ACEs has further stimulated the interaction between the clinical, translational and more basic scientists around specific cardiovascular themes.