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The GRC meeting 2021 on Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Biology and Disease

Virtual sessions April 15th – Mid May | Thursdays at 5 CEST

Unfortunately, the GRC meeting 2021 on Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Biology and Disease in Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA was canceled due to COVID-19. Please stay tuned for the 2022 meeting in Rotterdam, NL and the 2023 GRC meeting.
Therefore, as a replacement, we plan the 2021 Virtual International Symposium on Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Biology and Disease. This will occur as a series of Weekly Seminars on Thursdays from April 15, 2021 to mid-May aiming to exchange research and catch-up with each other. The program will be online soon. The meetings are free of charge.

Announcement virtual session May 13th 2021

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Virtual Sessions Program 2021

Date Time Speaker Subject
Thur 15 April 11am (EST), 4pm (GMT), 5pm (CEST) Chaired by Hanjoong Jo
 11:05-11:30am 11:30-11:55amJay Humphrey (Yale) David Ku (GA Tech) Mechanics and Mechanobiology of Aneurysms. The Biomechanics of Thrombosis is at the Edge of Physics.
Thur 22 April11am (EST), 4pm (GMT), 5pm (CEST)Chaired by Kim van der Heiden and Paul Evans
 11:00-11:25am 11:25-11:50am Triona Lally (Trinity College Dublin) Jian Shi (Leeds) Not all plaque caps are created equal; the role of collagen fibre orientation in cap strength and stability. How does rapidly-inactivating PIEZO1 channel sense sustained mechanical force in native endothelial cells?
Thur 29 April11am (EST), 4pm (GMT), 5pm (CEST) Chaired by Tzung Hsiai and Frank Gijsen
 11:00-11:25am 11:25-11:40am 11:40-11:55am 11:55-12:10pm Eno Bong (Northeastern) Rob Beal (Manchester) Brian Coon (Yale) Claire Desalles (Ecole Polytech) Shear and glycocalyx. Integrated multi-omics analysis of endothelial adhesome composition and signallig in physiological and pathological flow environments. Mitochondrial contribution to anti-inflammatory shear stress signaling. Flow actuation generates coupled shear and strain in a microvessel-on-chip.
Thur 6 May11am (EST), 4pm (GMT), 5pm (CEST)Chaired by John Oshinski and Eno Ebong
 11:00-11:25am 11:25-11:40am 11:40-11:55am 11:55-12:10pm Craig Goergen (Purdue) Tamar Wissing (Erasmus MC, TU/e) Sophie Gu (Cambridge) Guozheng Liang (MPI Bad Nauheim) High Frequency Ultrasound of Cardiovascular Disease Biomechanics in Murine Models. A Tissue Engineered Fibrous Cap Model to Elucidate Atherosclerotic Plaque Mechanics and Rupture Mechanism. Drug Effects of Plaque Stress. Flow-induced tenascin-X prevents TGF-β-mediated endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition and atherosclerosis.
Thur 13 May11am (EST), 4pm (GMT), 5pm (CEST)Chaired by Jolanda Wentzel and Steven White
 11:00-11:25am 11:25-11:40am 11:40-11:55am 11:55-12:20pm Peter Weinberg (Imperial College London) Makruba Alfaidi (LSU HSC) Selena Pirola (Imperial College London) Paul Evans (Sheffield) Fstl1: the missing link between multidirectional shear and LDL transcytosis? Nck1 Adaptor Protein and mechanosignaling in atherosclerosis. Elucidating the role of wall shear stress in Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurisms. Emerging concepts in CV Biomechanics.
Organization committee: Hanjoong Jo (Emory/GT), Kim van der Heiden (Erasmus MC), Tzung Hsiai (UCLA)
Program committee: Eno Ebong (Northeastern), Paul Evans (Sheffield), Frank Gijsen (Erasmus MC), John Oshinski (Emory/GT), Jolanda Wentzel (Erasmus MC), Steven White (Manchester)